Since I started working in animation I have had quite a few different production roles. The one I probably enjoy the most is storyboarding.

Varjak Paw

Boards for an animated feature film. See an animatic of this sequence below.

Varjak Paw animatic

An advanced animatic of the scene above created in After Effects.


Varjak Paw

Another scene from the animated feature film.


DIRT! The Movie

Part of the animated sequences of a feature film documentary.


Marvo the Wonder Chicken

Snappy children's TV series in the style of Tex Avery.


Dennis and Gnasher

Children's TV series made famous by the Beano comic book.


Life According to Dinosaurs

Children's TV series with a fresh and funny look on modern life.


Varjak Paw

A sequence in thumbnail form.

Mood boards

Mood boards

A few examples of mood boards.